We bend even to demanding coatings!

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Electrogalvanising, welding, turning and other metalworking.

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We bend even to demanding coatings!

We also serve in metalworking tasks – our operating area covers the Kokkola region as well as the whole of Finland

We are a family-owned company based in Kruunupyy, Ostrobothnia, and we offer electrogalvanising and subcontracting of metal products. Our own products include, for example:

  • Laxström ice saws

  • Ice picks

  • Production of Heinola Ice Augers

  • Härveli net haulers

  • Net lifting machines and internal combustion engine hydraulic units

  • Steel winches and other tinsmith tools

We also operate as a subcontractor for several metalworking companies in our region.

Electrogalvanisation is Laxström Oy Ab’s special expertise. We carry out high-quality galvanisation work on steel pieces at our factory in Kruunupyy. We have customers all over Finland, both companies and private individuals.

We also perform welding, turning and other metalworking, and we carry out subcontracted metal work. We also have our own productionread more and contact us when you need professional expertise!

Affordable steel coating that must withstand

Electrogalvanisation means the coating of a metal piece with a layer of zinc. The layer usually has a thickness of 10...15 my. Coating takes place in the electrolysis pool after several stages of cleaning, etc. The formed surface is smooth and shiny. It has excellent corrosion resistance. The sizes of our pools are 3200 mm x 500 mm x 950 mm (length x width x depth) and the maximum weight of a processed piece is 200kg.

Electrogalvanisation is an excellent way to improve the product's properties at an affordable price. We carry out galvanisation work using the skills we have gained through long-term experience; this enables efficient production, which is as fast production as possible. Galvanisation, which has been performed properly, provides good corrosion protection for the piece and contributes to the maintenance of the paint surface. The coating also creates a neat look for the piece.

Contact us and request a quote for your required service

We serve our customers flexibly. Electrogalvanisation can include both small and large batches according to the customer's needs. The same applies to metalworks. We guarantee secure deliveries and a high quality end result. Familiarise yourself with our services and request a quote or ask for more information about a service or product that interests you. Our customers include both large companies and private individuals. Please feel free to contact us.a