Merjärventie 318, 68500 KRUUNUPYY

 Tuotanto, myynti 040 771 7322  / Jani 

 Sinkitys 050 468 7509 / Kim

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Our expertise bends even to demanding coatings and metalworking

We are a financially sound company, and our professionalism and other activities are at a high level. We provide you with services and products worthy of The Strongest in Finland Platinum Classification. Read more and contact us!

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Kruunupyy service point / Laxström Oy Ab
Merjärventie 318, 68500 KRUUNUPYY, FINLAND

Business ID: 0242869-2

Tel. 040 771 7322

Production, sales 040 771 7322 / Jani
Galvanisation 050 468 7509 / Kim


Heinola service point / Laxström Oy Ab

Heinola Ice Drill Factory

Paininpuuntie 16, 18100 HEINOLA, FINLAND


Production, sales  040 771 7322 / Jani

Replacement blade service 044 984 2357

Certified ‘The Strongest in Finland’

You can rely on our company's operations in all situations. Our finances and professional skills are in order. As proof of this, we have been awarded The Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate, which is issued only to the best of the best. Only 12% of companies meet the certification criteria. This is something that our customers also appreciate.

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